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Performing is in my blood. There is no better feeling than making someone having a bad day smile. Being an entertainer allows me to do just that. Playing music, acting silly, a smile and a cheer is all some of us need. Our band, The Freeze Pops, has been together for almost 20 years now. You can check out our full schedule at

Also on Facebook at

- Kevin Hamblett

Why a red dog. I don't know, thought it was cool... 

4 Show Weekend  starting in Taunton and ending on Cape Cod Canal.  Beautiful weather all night and day.

Another great wedding I had the privilege to DJ at the Flying Bridge in Falmouth, MA

Thank you to everyone who came out to support 

my this weekend !  It is greatly appreciated.

Still some tix left for Tom and I as we cruise on the Capce Cod Canal playing out favorite tunes.

Sunday July 31st 1pm to 4pm out of Onset, MA.

Call or visit tomorrow to get your passes.

Outside on the patio at the Pearl in Taunton!.

Swing by please ! 7pm to 10pm and have a drink with us, while play some acoustic tunes. Great deals on food and drinks too !!!!!

My Set Up Behind the Scenes....

This is a set up for a wedding I did at Independence Harbor in Assonet, MA in the Summer of 2022.  Beautiful Venue.

A Nice Gobo Monogram to Accent the Dance Floor

A July 9th, 2022 wedding at Independence Harbor in Assonet, MA.
Again, a beautiful venue with a garden as  you enter the venue.

Just a quick message for my family.......

The Musician, The Husband, The Father, The Son.....

There really isn't anything better than family. It takes a special woman to stand by you when you are never home on the weekends. Getting up early for soccer games and basketball isn't easy either. This is just a special thank you section for my wife, kids, and the rest of my family. You letting me do what I love means the world to me. Thank you! xoxo"

Some of my new toys.

Lovin' every minute of this new gear !

The New Set Up

I'm loving every minute of this new DJ System, the Prime 4, with no need for a laptop, and online wherever I go.  This is great!

You think I got experience?????

I believe this was one of my first weddings back in 1882.  LOL

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